Control Line Products....
With young kids growing up and wanting to build something themselves I found back the drawings of my first 'controllable' model from the time when I was a bit younger.

This design was drawn by Paul Tupker and published in the hobby magazine 'VT'. That is why this plane is called the 'VT-AirRacer'

If you want to read the original article that appeared in VT, click to read (in dutch)

Build Pictures

In those days I flew the plane with a screaming Cox black-widow with high nitro fuel, small props and ear-popping RPM.

This time I used the 1976 design but added some modern propulsion: Brushless motor and LiPo battery.

Currently I'm experimenting with several motors/props and this is a bit different then the indoor setups I'm familiar with.

For Control-Line you need much more speed, so running the indoor motors at 3S instead of 2S lipo with a much smaller prop.

First flights where made with a very small Robbe-Roxxy 1815/25, a 5x3 prop on 3S. This setup is sufficient to fly the VT-AirRacer but not powerfull enough for simple aerobatics. So the search continues.