FoamToAir mission statement !

FoamToAir is all about putting back the fun in building your own model airplane!

With the Almost Ready to Fly (ARF) planes currently on the market, the skill of building your own plane is becoming a lost art. The ARF models are great value and look great, but the RC-pilot will no longer have the special feeling when your hard work is leaving the ground for the first time...

At FoamToAir we try to design our planes is such a way that, even for less experienced builders, the end result will be something you can bring to the field with pride and that you will enjoy flying for a long time!

The name 'FoamToAir' was choosen some years ago when we started to design and provide original designed indoor planes for F3P or freestyle usage. These indoor planes are created from a material called 'depron', which is a kind of foam. We made the foam flying as planes, so hence the name!

The indoor planes are CNC cut from DepronAero (100gram/sq.meter). The CNC allows me to mill around 2mm into the DepronAero so that a very thin 'skin' is left. You must understand that the planes that are milled that deep are not intended for beginners in the F3P scene. The indoor models are delivered 'depron-parts-only' and are intended for persons that have build depron/indoor planes before

Recently we also added some outdoor planes, cut from Balsa and plywood.
We tro to provide enough building pictures and share info to help you to get the best out of these planes.

Please take a look at the models, and use the contact page if you have any questions!

Thank You!