Fatboy II

Designed by Ernst Disse

The 'Fatboy II' is a new design from Ernst Disse and produced by FoamToAir.

The Fatboy II is intended for those pilots that want to move up to the higher classes and schedules but without moving towards the full carbon planes.
By use of the more expensive coaxial drives from Glavak or Lantsof and large (15" are larger) propellors a smooth and slow flying style can be achieved. The big propellors will help to slow down on the downlines so no drag-brakes are required.

Video of the 2020 F3P-B schedule

The Fatboy II is delivered as CNC DepronAero milled parts, the slots for the carbon re-enforcements are already cut which saves a lot of time building and gives a clean look.
Carbon strip 1.5x0.13mm is used to keep parts straight and flat. Carbon tube 0.7 and rod 0.5mm is used to strengthen the open structures.
Then the mylar is glued on with 3M-spraymount
From that moment on, the build is like a normal Depron build.

The Orange/white/Blue model in the pictures is the first build from the production kit and the weight is 70grams.
You can choose to build like it is designed or go even lighter and use thinner carbon, remove more Depron and with careful components selection and clean build, a wheigt of 55-60 gram should be possible.

Products used:

You can find the building guidelines on the Building Tips page in the menu on the left

The model provided here is the CNC Depron cut parts only.

Price 35,00 euro

optional parts: