Disney    Designed by Ernst Disse

The Disney was developed in the winter of 2010/2011 and already from the first flights it made a good impression on the pilots and judges.

The look might be something you need to get used to!

You can download the DXF/DWG for the v3 version of the Disney.

Making the drawing available for others will hopefully help out the F3P/Indoor community to get access to a really good plane to be used for the lower levels of the F3P competitions. With the availability of home CNC machines it must be possible to produce the Disney by yourself or in the club.

Up to now we did cut the full-depron Disneys using DepronAero, however this is no longer available.

A good alternative is to cut the Disney from normal Depron but remove to pocket areas and then cover with Mylar. This is slightly more work, but can deliver a Disney of around 80 grams, depending on equipment.

You can find the building guidelines on the Building Tips page in the menu on the left
Same Disney, but the pockets have been removed and convert with Mylar Side by side, Milled Disney and Mylar Disney
Aileron bracing, 0.7mm tube or rod Wing and fuselage bracing, 1mm tube or rod. Landing gear 1.5mm tube
Pietu motor used. Elevator and read fuselage bracing, 0.7mm tube or rod