F3P Accessoires

FoamToAir can deliver the following extra's with your plane.

Adjustable motor mounts.
4 pieces.
The plastic tubes are glued in the fuselage. The motor is the mounted between the screw-head and then silicone ring.
By turning each of the fout screws you can adjust the side and downtrust.
This is the fine-tuning that is needed to get most out of your plane.
5.00 euro
Adjustable 'kwiklink' for 1mm rods/tube

This is a simple way to allow for aileron adjustments.
By loosening the bolt a little, the kwiklink can glide over the 1mm rod. Then tighten again
These work perfectly with all GFK rudder-horn sets for AM-Monster, Beta, Disney and Fatboy. If you order the Rudder-Horns and kwiklinks together, i will take care that the holes will fit.
1.25 euro
GFK Rudderhorn for shrink-tube.
4 pieces.
Click here to see how to use these
2.00 euro
prop-safe O-ringen, size 12 x 1.8
10 pieces.
3.00 euro
prop-safe O-ringen, size 14 x 1.8
10 pieces.
3.00 euro