High-Wing Aileron Trainer...

The AirTrainer is designed to give new pilots in our hobby a good 'tool' to start learning to fly.
This will require some build-in behavior to limit the workload and make the plane predictable on the controls.
  • Long based landing gear, for stable starts and landings
  • Semi-symmetrical airfoil, to have almost no changes in elevator with changing power settings
  • Build-in expo on all control surfaces
  • Very stable on all axis

The FoamToAir AirTrainer uses modern building methods. All parts are CNC cut and are interlocking. Modest building skills are required. Especially for building the wing. Some sheeting needs to be applied, and a little experience is useful.
A lot of experience is put into the design of the AirTrainer. This will make building and installing the RC as straight forward as possible.
  • Location of bowden cable exit and position/size of control-horns will give correct control-throws
  • Big access hatch to LiPo
  • Separate hatch for ESC, so this is out of the way
  • Adjustable motor mount, to correct or adjust the down- and side-trust
  • Option to build in glider-tow hook

The AirTrainer is designed out for electric propulsion. A wide range of motor/Lipo combinations can be used, from 3S/3300 to 5S/4000.
The first flights are made with a relative small engine 35/48-900kv on 4S with an 11x8 prop. This is more then sufficient for training and basic aerobatics

If you plan to use the AirTrainer for glider-towing then we prefer the 5S setup, using 42-48/650kv on 12x8 or 13x6.5 prop

Motor (trainer)PROPDRIVE v2 3548 900KV (with 12x8 on 3 S/4000mAh)
Motor (trainer)PROPDRIVE v2 3548 900KV (with 11x8 on 4S/4000mAh)
Motor (light aerobatics)Racestar BR4250 800kv (with 12x7 prop on 4S/4000mAh)
Motor (Glider tow & Aerobatics)NTM Prop Drive Series 42-48 650KV (with 13x7 prop on 5S/4000mAh)
Servos2 normal size for elevator/rudder, 2 mini for ailerons

Build Instructions / Bouwbeschrijving

Click to download PDF / Klik om de PDF te downloaden


- All CNC cut parts for Fuselage, Wing, horizontal and vertical stabilizer.
- GFK aileron, elevator and rudder-horns.
- GFK-universal motormount
Euro 82,50

CNC-All Wood
Same as CNC shortkit, but now also the spars and sheeting is added. The spars are 4 lengths of 5x8 spruce, sheeting is 8 sheets of 2mm balsa.
Euro 109,50

Landing gear
- You can make your own landing-gear bend from 4mm spring wire
- I can deliver a bend 4mm spring wire for 9,50
- use the 2KG Carbon landing gear from PT-models, available trough Aerobatics (around Euro 17,50)

Hardware Pack
A hardware pack is available.
This contains :
- the M3 inserts and bolts for the motor-mount.
- The M5 inserts and M5 nylon bolts for the wing
- the cockpit lock.
Price: Euro 6,50

Additional parts you need to buy yourself:
  • Sullivan cables, blue sample
  • 60mm main wheels
  • Cockpit lock sample
  • Alternative tail-wheel: sample