Trainer/Tow-Plane/WorkHorse: Calmatow, CNC-design by Ruud Kroes
This is a new kit from FoamToAir the 'Calmatow'

Roughly based on the famous Calmato, but enlarged to 225cm wingspan, flying on 10S and proved to be an excellent plane for glider towing.
This is a really good substitute for the often used Big-Lift.
With the low-weight (only 5,5Kg) you can cruise a 30% throttle for long flying times. The big model with it's low wing-loading is ideal for practicing your take-off and landings.

The Calmatow is an easy plane to build, but we expect that this plane is build by experienced builders. Some 'woodwork' is required to build the Calmatow. Think of joining sheets of balsa to make longer and wider sheets. Building and sanding the ailerons. Shaping the leading edge etc.

CNC Short-kit
all CNC cut parts for fuselage, wing, and tail section
cut from 3mm poplar plywood and balsa

introduction price: 130,00 euro

additional balsa required
- 12 sheets 2.5mm balsa
- 5 lengths 5x10 spruce
- 5 lengths 5x5 balsa

additional parts:
- landing gear
- tail wheel
- wingtube: 31x30 sleeve, 30x29mm tube
- Sticker-set: please contact me for color and custom text!

The wings are joined with a quality 30mm carbon tube.
This gives two wing-halves that are easy to transport and store.
The Calmatow is traditional build with poplar plywood and balsa. All parts are CNC-cut which makes the Calmatow very easy to build. But as this is not a plane for a beginner it's expected that the builder has got experience with building and finishing wood-build planes.

An IC version with a shorter nose is next on the drawing board. Keep an eye on this page for further updates.