Ensian F5J glider,

designed by Winfried de Vries
This is a new kit from FoamToAir the 'Ensian'

The Ensian is F5J style glider. Good and fast climb and long glide. It uses traditional building methods and only some carbon is used for the wing-joiner.
Off course, being a full-wood build plane, it will not be in the same league as the full-glass/carbon models that are build in moulds.
But for a fraction of that price, the performance and handling of the Ensian will surprise you.

wingspan: 280cm
length: 125m
weight: 1350gram
motor: Dualsky XM2838EG-14L, 860KV
Lipo: 3s/2300mAh
Prop: 13x6.5 Aeronaut

- Savox 0255 metal-gear (flaps)
- Savox 0254 Ailerons/Elevator/rudder

Building Instructions
No building instructions yet, if you are an experienced builder that would like to build an Ensian, please contact me.

Will follow asap.