Etura - Etura-60

Building the Etura

On this page you can view several PDF files containing the build sequence including pictures.
As the Etura and Etura-60 are almost identical, the same building steps can be used.

There are several separate steps to take. The most efficient order is as below.
  1. Building the fuselage center section
  2. Building the Wing
  3. Building the horizontal Stabilizer
  4. Building the fuselage bottom section
  5. Building the fuselage top, cockpit and rudder
1 Fuselage center box The center box contains all important mounting points for motor, landing gear, wing-tube and Horizontal stabilizer
2 Horizontal stabilizer To be able to align the wing and stabilizer
3a Wing Part 1 Building the wing
3b Wing Part 2 More wing building
4 Fuselage bottom section Adding the fuselage bottom structure and bottom nose blocks
5 Fuselage Top section Adding the fuselage Top section
5b Fuselage Cockpit and nose section Adding the cockpit frame and nose blocks
6 Vertical tail and rudder Building the Vertical tail and rudder

more building steps will follow soon

Disclaimer: As we have no control about the way the plane is build and the equipment being used we can not give any guarantee about the finished plane.