It's not a "flugzeug" but a 'Spielzeug' the Spilar, designed by Winfried de Vries
This is a new kit from FoamToAir the 'Spilar'

The name Spilar is from the german Spiel what translates to 'play'.

It is always difficult to describe the characteristics of a plane, and that is especially valid for this plane
The Spilar can be flown as normal electric glider, as warmliner, as pylon racer, as motor-plane. All depending on the setup and throttle management.
Personally I have most fun to start with 10 seconds of motorrun to get nice and high, then feel if there are some thermals.
If not, then roll to inverted and pull to a steep dive and soom over the field, making some 4-point rolls and loops where you like.
then convert the speed back to some height, slow down and practice the landing approach.
Just before touch down, hit the throttle gain a little height and turn hard-left (or right) in a tight low turn, picking up speed as you go.
Then motor off, convert the speed to some low level aerobetics before power-up.
Next test will be on the slope and behind a tow-plane (our Calamtow will do fine)

The Spilar is traditional build with poplar plywood and balsa. All parts are CNC-cut which makes the Spilar very easy to build. But as this is not a plane for a beginner it's expected that the builder has got experience with building and finishing wood-build planes.

the build is very similar to the build of the Slipher, so take a look at these building pictures.

wingspan: 160cm
length: 95cm
weight: 1050gram, with 4S 2200mAh lipo
motor: Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 3536-1200kv propellor: 9x7 folding prop
spinner: 42mm
- elevator/rudder: hs80 or similar
- ailerons: savox sh-255 or similar

Building Instructions

All CNC cut balsa and ply parts for Fuselage,
Wing, horizontal and vertical stabilizer.
GFK motormount, aileron and elevator horns

Euro 42,50