Splunk DLG,

designed by Winfried de Vries
This is a new kit from FoamToAir the 'Splunk'

The Splunk is a small and lightweight glider for slope or DLG style flying.
Building is very straight forward with a balsa fuselage and a carbon/balsa wing.

Because of the small size and light weight the Splunk is intended for low-wind conditions. So basically the hours at the end of a nice day of flying
And because the Splunk is well below 250gram, you can fly it without registration

Now that we have flown the Splunk a little more, we can really say that this is a fun little plane to have with you on these low-wind days.
The Splunk will catch thermals very easy. You will need to estimate height and distance when you fly downwind. This is not a full-size DLG with a lot of wind penetration!

Also the Splunk proofed to be very strong. Due to the low weight, these 'landings' that do not really qualify as landing, will cause no damage.

wingspan: 90cm
length: 70cm
weight: 90-100gram

- elevator/rudder: emax-9051 (4,1gr)
- 5v/1A regulator: D24V10F5 Pololu 2831
- receiver battery: 300mAh/2S

Carbon used:
- 4mm tube for tailboom
- 3mm tube for wingspar
- 1.5mm rod for leading edge

Building Instructions
Click here to download the general building instructions
Click here to download the update of some of the building steps

This contains all wood and parts to build the Splunk.
- CNC cut balsa and ply parts for Fuselage, Wing, horizontal and vertical stabiliser.
- small-parts: GFK parts, bolts/nuts, springs, pull-cord, elevator horns
- carbon 4mm,3mm,1.5mm

Price: 42,50 Euro

All you need to finish:
- 2 servos of 4 - 5 gram. I use the Emax-9051
- OraCover light, 50cm (but you need to be careful with cutting)