Foam To Air, Also makes Balsa Fly!!

After succesfully produce many Depron indoor planes it is now time to expand the list of FoamToAir planes!
Currently there are two short kits available for the planes shown below.

Fly Fast and low, our little beast ...

This is a nice little plane to fly with. It's low weight (around 1000gr ready to fly) makes this an easy puppy to fly around at low throttle.

But when you open up the throttle (when equiped with the E2K Pylon Race motor/prop/lipo combo), this puppy becomes a fire breathing dragon and moves around like .... a pylon racer

The 'Slipher' can turn on a dime and does not brake out of a tight turn. At full speed it's will go where you point the nose to... but the Slipher will never get mean!
Just throttle back and the beast turns back to a cute puppy that can easily be landed at your feet.

Nice Video of the UK-nationals, where the Slipher was used by the dutch pilots Video
Article from a Slipher build in dutch 'ModelBouwActueel' Download

MotorTurnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 3536-1400kv
LiPo4S 2200mAh
Prop8x6 Apc

(price have been increased due to balsa shortage and increase in material prices)

All CNC cut balsa and ply parts for Fuselage, Wing, horizontal and vertical stabilizer. GFK motormount, aileron and elevator horns
Euro 52,50

CNC-All Wood
Same as CNC shortkit, but now also sheeting is added. The sheeting is 4 sheets of 2mm balsa.
Euro 67,50

The Slipher Logo as Sticker
Black or White, other colors by request
4,50 euro

Building Instructions
(Click on the image to see building pictures)
Setup for first flight
Center of Gravity55-65mm from leading edge
Elevator (race setup) 5mm up/3mm down.
Elavator (normal flying) 5mm up/down.
Ailerons (race setup) 4mm up/down
Ailerons (normal flying) 5mm up/down